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Thermold MCHK915 HK91 308 Winchester 5 rd Black Finish
Product ID68846 ∴
ManufacturerThermold Design & Development
DescriptionMC-M-16/AR-15/10 10 round nylon magazine charger (will fit and function in weapons that use the M-16/AR-15 magazine; works with M-16 metal magazines and GI metal strippers; loads 30 round magazines in 10 seconds or less. MC-FN/FAL/5 5 round nylon magazine charger for FN/FAL. MC-H&K-91/5 5 round nylon magazine charger for H&K-91. MC-M-14/M1A-5 5 round nylon magazine charger for M-14/M1A. MC-SINGLE magazine pistol loader; single stack nylon for 9mm, .38 Super and .45 automatic. MC-DOUBLE magazine pistol loader; double stack nylon; not intended for Glock magazines.
DepartmentMagazines › Standard
Caliber308 Winchester (7.62 NATO)
Capacity5 rd
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